People often get the sudden urge to change their life. They sign up for a gym membership, get themselves protein powder and set off on a bodybuilding journey. However, without setting correct expectations and patience, they quit after a while. 

Motivation always comes and goes. For bodybuilding, it is important to maintain it to achieve desired results.

How to Keep Pursuing Betterment?

Bodybuilding is a time, effort, and patience demanding lifestyle change. Moreover, you may have to use oral or injectable steroids for muscle building as well.

It isn't easy to keep yourself motivated throughout the process. By implementing a better mindset, you can make lifting seem more fun and worth your time. There are a few ways to love yourself and the process more.

Join a Community

There is no better way to make fitness fun and make it seem possible in the first place other than interacting with people like you. Being actively social with fellow bodybuilders in the gym or online makes you realize you aren't alone on this journey. 

Moreover, you can receive better guidance, accountability, and motivation from people who have achieved their goals.

Progress Pictures

A good way to appreciate your efforts more is by looking back at how far you've come. You may have come across before and after pictures of people as they opt for a better lifestyle. Take pictures of yourself frequently. It can help you see the progress, which would normally not be so evident.

Improvement Not Perfection

Before you even do your first rep, it is crucial to set realistic goals and expectations for the change you're about to make. Things can't go exactly how you planned. Your goal should always be a better version of yourself instead of getting the body of that actor you like.

The Bigger Picture

Muscle gaining is an extremely slow process. Patience is a must to be able to improve your body. It can be demotivating to see minimum progress even in weeks. It's important to keep your eyes on what's to come.

Be Easy on Yourself

Your only ally to get you to your desired physique is yourself. You may sometimes eat an extra cookie or skip a training day due to sickness. 

These things happen, and they should not let you down. Understand you're not perfect and keep loving yourself. Doing so helps you to keep striving instead of giving up, disappointed.

Track Smaller Achievements

It's hard to maintain patience for the results, which take months. You should set smaller daily or weekly goals to convince your mind you're getting something done. 

Aim for that extra plate on the bar, or do one extra set of a particular exercise. These are short-term goals keeping you motivated and persistent.

Do it For Yourself

What exactly pushed you to improve your body? It is essential to have a clear reason and motivation to start bodybuilding. Your fitness routine isn't likely sustainable if you're doing it for someone else's expectations for you. 

A part of loving yourself is doing what's best for you. Treat your body like a temple, train to look better, and grow strong for yourself.

Celebrate and Appreciate

You're going to feel demotivated fast if you are to omit your favorite foods and activities from your routine. If you achieve one of your smaller goals and milestones, treat yourself with something sweet that you usually would avoid. 

Appreciate every moment of the journey and reward yourself accordingly. You will enjoy the process more. After all, fitness is a lifestyle change, not an end goal.

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Without motivation to hit the gym and strive for a healthy diet, you will likely quit earlier than you would like. You must convince your brain to keep going and look at the positives. Have realistic expectations and maintain a loving attitude towards yourself. 

Set smaller goals, track your progress frequently, and reward yourself accordingly. Joining a community can also help to stay on the right track.